What is a Domain Name

What is a Domain NameA domain name is a label that identifies a section of the internet, usually a web page, blog or other internet site, where a user has total control over the content in that area. Domain names are created by the rules and procedures set forth by the Domain Name System (DNS).

Networks and applications usually include the use of domain names for specific location purposes. Domain names are placed in sets and subsets under a central DNS root server, which doesn’t have a name. The very first set of domain names contains top-level domains, which contain the generic top-level domains, such as the widely-known domains “.com”, “.net” and “.org”, and the country code-level top domains.

Beneath the top-level domains in the DNS chain, you’ll see the next-level and third-level domain names which are typically given to end-users that want to join local area networks to existing Internet networks, make accessible resource links for other people or manage their own web content sites. Domain names are purchased through companies, who specialize in selling their services to consumers, making this the only way for a domain name to realistically be obtained.

The domain name for a website is vitally important to its growth and success. In these modern times of SEO development, having a great domain name can be the difference between having a high-traffic site with a lot of interested users and a site in the far reaches of the internet space that nobody knows about. When someone searches your domain name on Google you want your site to be one of the first they see. This is why picking a catchy, fun domain name is so instrumental in building a good website.

You have to make your domain name relevant to the content you plan to put on your site. if you are making a site about sports, you don’t want to name your domain “”Basket-Weaving Central.”" There are few people that associate basket-weaving with sports, and you’ll likely never get a big site with the domain name so unrelated to the content at hand. Domain names are one of the most important aspects of websites. A great domain name can set you up for success online now and in the future.

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